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Understanding the criminal strategy and solving it with the best criminal lawyers in Sydney

Smart criminal lawyers can get you out of a sticky situation and help you dodge a hefty fine or being charged with a crime. As the best criminal lawyers in Sydney and having handled a wide range of cases, we have first-hand experience in how stressful it is to be charged with a criminal. We are one of the few law firms that will give you fully dedicated, efficient and effective legal help.

Select criminal lawyers from one of the best law firms in Sydney, Eden King Lawyers, and benefit from comprehensive legal care and advice.

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Legal Services

Our legal team consists of the best criminal lawyers in Sydney who have the expertise to assist anyone in need of advice or representation for a criminal offence. Eden King Lawyers Is one of the best law firms in Sydney and has substantial experience in criminal law and defence.

As the best criminal lawyers in Sydney, our law firm can help people who have been accused of a wide range of offences. Here are a few criminal lawyer services our law firm offers:

  • Assaults: An assault can be a claim of use of force, inflicting injury or violence. It can be bodily harm that may have resulted in broken bones, bleeding or bruising or something that required medical attention. Our law firm can help clients with such cases.
  • Robbery: Being charged for robbery includes mugging or stealing. It may also include the use of force or threats in banks, service stations and even on the streets. However, this offence is not as serious as being charged with armed robbery. Being the best criminal lawyers in Sydney, our law firm has the expertise to handle such situations.
  • Burglary: Entering a premises and stealing is a chargeable offence that our law firm can help with. This charge may also include causing bodily harm, making threats or detaining someone against their will.
  • Theft: A theft charge can be for a large heist from a jewellery store or for items like a watch, vehicle, bag, etc. Eden King Lawyers, a professional law firm in Sydney, has the expertise to represent you and offer consultation in such matters.
  • Drug crime: Use of illegal drugs can get you into trouble and the penalties can be harsh while possession of drugs is a crime. As criminal lawyers,our law firm can represent you in such cases.

Do you need a criminal lawyer from one of the top law firms in Sydney?

Legal matters can be handled by an individual in many types of cases. However, at times, it becomes necessary to consult a lawyer, especially when charged with a major crime and there is the risk of severe penalties or jail time. It is important to understand the nature of the charges, and our law firm can help you decipher your situation, provide several options and even defend you if necessary. Furthermore, if you need help with a plea bargain, Eden King Lawyers has a team of the best criminal lawyers in Sydney.

The Implication of Criminal Charges

Being charged for a crime can result in several consequences. It can spell out the end of your career, leave your family to fend for themselves and possibly ruin your life. It can either be a long-term or short-term consequence like prison time, fines and fees or a permanent criminal record, which could tarnish your reputation. Thus, visiting a law firm is a good option if faced with any criminal charges.

Questions to ask before selecting a law firm in Sydney

Everyone should ask several questions prior to selecting a criminal defence lawyer to represent their case. We are the best criminal lawyers and value our success and integrity. We provide a reliable and cost-effective services for our clients, but it is always best to be certain you are hiring the right law firm by asking a few simple questions, some of which are listed here:

  • Has your law firm handled a criminal case in the past?
  • Does your law firm have any experience with a jury trial?
  • What is your opinion on plea agreements?
  • How is the fee calculated for criminal cases and what are the payment options?
  • Can I have references from previous clients?
Why pick us?

At Eden King Lawyers, we are always available when you need us, no matter what the situation is. Besides gaining an in-depth understanding of each case, our criminal lawyers at Eden King Lawyers make sure our clients are fully aware of what they are getting into.

We are the best criminal lawyers when it comes to cases that require a criminal defence lawyer, but we also have the expertise to assist with other types of cases that require business lawyers, commercial lawyers, conveyance lawyers or litigation lawyers. As the best criminal lawyers in Sydney, we want to give our clients the advantage of a fee structure that includes a fixed fee, hourly rate, stage estimates and annual retainer.

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