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Why you should use the expert service of Eden King Lawyers?

We have a team of professional specialist family lawyers located in Sydney, Australia, who are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive and affordable legal advice and representation. Our experienced lawyers are efficient and devoted to getting you the best results no matter the case.

At Eden King Lawyers, we ensure that each member of our team is highly qualified and experienced in all fields of law. All our lawyers are members of the Law Society of New South Wales and are entitled to practise in New South Wales, all Federal Courts and the High Court of Australia.

We aim to be accessible to everyone. Our main office is located in Rhodes Waterside Building, Paramatta, and is conveniently located near plenty of bus stops and Rhodes train station. With that being said, we are only a short trip from the Family Court and take special appointments to meet with clients from other areas like Canberra or in and around Sydney.  

Our team of lawyers are qualified to manage all types of cases. To ensure you are comfortable and supported, our team is comprised of male and female solicitors with qualifications in psychology and counselling to help you manage the emotional strain of litigation and provide a sympathetic approach to often difficult and distressing situations. Our solicitors have undergone additional training to help them represent children and understand their needs, particularly in periods of stress. Additionally, our team has qualifications in accounting which enables us to provide pragmatic and money efficient solutions. And finally, if you are looking to possibly settle out of court, then our solicitors are trained in mediation to offer an alternative resolution to your dispute.

Eden King Lawyers is dedicated to providing a compassionate and practical legal service for all clients. With years of experience, we are skilled legal representatives who are motivated to make a genuine difference in your life and provide lasting solutions to your legal issues. We pride ourselves on being sympathetic, reliable and professional, which is why we maintain close relationships with experts such as accountants, financial planners, real estate valuers, businesses, jewellers, leading mediators and arbitrators, psychologists and psychiatrists. Our services also include some of Australia’s most esteemed family law barristers. All of these provisions are available to you to ensure that you are provided with a concise and thorough experience.

Our firm adheres to and implements, transparent, standardised, productive and efficient strategies that enable us to provide high-quality and consistent legal advice and representation.

At Eden King Lawyers, we understand that finances are stressful, so we aim to be transparent about our fees and provide affordable pricing structures and costs. With us, there are no hidden prices or unexpected additional costs and we keep you informed about your case every step of the way to make sure that any action taken benefits you.

In case of any queries, doubts or questions regarding family law and litigation, we strongly encourage you to contact us on 02 9135 6000 or through email at admin@edenkinglawyers.com.au, so you can discuss your problems and together we can figure out how our team can make a difference for you.

Do all Family Law Matters end up in court?

Statistically speaking more than 80% of family cases are resolved out of court. Typically, conflicting parties seek to settle out of court by utilising the services of the court to formulate an agreement.

Approximately 20% of cases that are escalated to court are settled before a judge who hands down a legally binding decision.

What is the difference between a conveyancer and a solicitor?

Every time a property is sold, purchased or transferred, the process is called conveyancing. Conveyancing can be conducted by either a conveyancer or solicitor. Generally, conveyancers have knowledge in property law, specifically the settlement and transfer of property. However, not all conveyancers are lawyers. Lawyers and solicitors are qualified and licensed experts. We have specialised knowledge and information about property law and are capable of providing general legal advice.

What do commercial litigation lawyers do?

A commercial litigation lawyer is a qualified solicitor who has an intricate understanding and expertise in handling business-related cases. Commercial litigators represent a company’s interest in financial disputes. Litigators are very detail-orientated and provide in-depth legal representation throughout the entirety of their client’s case, from initial evaluation to the court proceedings.

What is the first step in commercial litigation?

The initial step of commercial litigation is filing astatement of claim in the relevant and aligned jurisdiction. In this stage, a file number is allocated to the particular case and obligations are assigned or decided for the involved parties. The parties’ commercial litigators then correspond with one another before the official court proceedings. These initial stages will foreshadow whether the dispute between the parties will be resolved in civil terms.

What should a buyer of a business look for?

Purchasing a new business is usually a very exciting time, however, there are a couple of legal considerations you may not be aware of. That is why you should always consult with a lawyer and accountant before making a decision.

These are some of the details you should consider before purchasing a business:

  • Understand the purchasing entity. Your lawyer will usually discuss the management of the risk and tax considerations before you make the final decision.
  • Think of the assets that can be included in the sale to ensure the final pricing is what you negotiated.
  • Figure out the type of intellectual property that is used by the business.
  • Any type of assets of the business that one needs to mortgage or take into the retention of title arrangements.
  • Ask if the premises of the business are leased.
  • Thinking to franchise your business? Do you have enough knowledge about your new business and how it will play out as a competition?
  • Understanding the condition and situation of your employees.

Is the seller of the business being restrained from starting or commencing any new type of business when compared to new competition?